The details shown on this page are for our most popular tickets. There is a wide range of fares available to passengers joining or leaving our trains at the intermediate stations and halts not shown in the tables below. Our Booking Office staff will be pleased to advise further and can be contacted on 01766 516024 if you want information about specific fares.

Note: These fares are valid up until 29.3.19.

Ffestiniog Railway
Third Class - Return Adult First Class Excess
All Day Rover Ticket
The choice is yours - travel all the way and back again, or ride trains and break your journey as much as you like on the date of issue.


'Half Way Return'
Porthmadog to/from Tan y Bwlch only.
Blaenau Ff. to/from Tan y Bwlch only.


'Early Bird' / 'Sunset Special'
08.40 / 18.05
train only - Valid for 1x round trip to Blaenau Ff.


'Snowdonia Single'
One-way travel over the whole length of both railways from Blaenau Ff. to Caernarfon or vice-versa.



Third Class - Single Adult First Class Excess
Porthmadog to Blaenau Ff.
(or vice-versa).
£16.80 £7.00
Porthmadog to Tan-y-Bwlch
(or vice-versa).
£10.80 £7.00
Blaenau Ff. to Tan-y-Bwlch
(or vice-versa).
£9.40 £7.00
Welsh Highland Railway
Third Class - Return Adult First Class Excess
Caernarfon to/from Porthmadog £39.80 £22.00
Caernarfon to/from Beddgelert £30.50 £18.00
Caernarfon to/from Rhyd Ddu £23.90 £14.00
Caernarfon to/from Waunfawr £13.20 £14.00
Porthmadog to/from Caernarfon £39.80 £22.00
Porthmadog to/from Waunfawr £32.70 £18.00
Porthmadog to/from Rhyd Ddu £26.30 £18.00
Porthmadog to/from Beddgelert £21.90 £14.00

Third Class - Single Adult First Class Excess
Caernarfon to Porthmadog £26.70 £11.00
Caernarfon to Beddgelert £20.50 £9.00
Caernarfon to Rhyd Ddu £16.10 £7.00
Caernarfon to Waunfawr £8.90 £7.00
Porthmadog to Caernarfon £26.70 £11.00
Porthmadog to Waunfawr £22.00 £9.00
Porthmadog to Rhyd Ddu £17.70 £9.00
Porthmadog to Beddgelert £14.70 £7.00


All children under 3 travel FREE. All children 3 years and over require a ticket. One child under 16 years travels FREE with each adult or concession paying ordinary 3rd class fare. Additional children travel at half fare. A flate rate first class supplement applies.


Concession fares are available to disabled customers and their carers.

First Class Travel

Travel in a Ffestiniog Railway Observation carriage for an additional charge of £7.00 each way per seat - or a Welsh Highland Railway Pullman carriage for a variable additional charge based on distance travelled (e.g. Caernarfon to Beddgelert is £9.00 one-way, or to Porthmadog is £11.00 one-way). Information regarding our first class carriages can be found here.

Seat Reservations

Subject to availability, First class seats may be booked and reserved at Porthmadog, Blaenau Ffestiniog or Caernarfon booking office right up to departure time. However, advanced telephone booking is strongly advised to obtain the seats of your choice as these carriages are very popular. To book and reserve your seats, please telephone our friendly booking office team on 01766 516024 who will help to organise your day.

Disabled Passengers

Carriages on some trains have extra wide doors for standard width wheelchairs. Porthmadog, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Caernarfon and Rhyd Ddu Stations have ramped access routes and specially adapted toilet facilities (for further details please see our access statement). To enable us to help you make the most of your visit, please let us know when you are coming by telephoning 01766 516024. NOTE: Guide / Assistance dogs travel free.

Online Booking

Certain ticket types are now available to book online. Please visit our Online Ticketing page for further information.

Dogs and Bicycles

Dogs and Bicycles are welcome. A flat fare of £3.00 per animal or bicycle applies. We regret, however, that dogs cannot be accommodated in the first-class portions of our trains. Please also note that dogs are not allowed on carriage seats. Limited accommodation for bicycles is available on some Ffestiniog Railway trains. Bicycles can be carried on most Welsh Highland trains. Please book before travelling - details from 01766 516024.

Group Bookings

Parties of 20 or more (10 if disabled) qualify for reduced rates. Group bookings receive free reservations. For further information, call 01766 516024 or email groups@ffwhr.com

Accommodation Hotline

For Bed and Breakfast / Hotel details, call 08705 168767

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    Certain ticket types are now available to book online. Please visit our Online Ticketing page for further information.

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