The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways are historic narrow gauge railways with old carriages and stations, many dating back to Victorian times. We welcome customers of all abilities.

Although we operate a fleet of historic carriages, all of our normal service trains have space available for customers with mobility impairments including some wheelchair spaces. A step and wheelchair ramp are carried on all normal trains and these are available to help you to access the trains - please ask a member of staff.

As space is inevitably limited, we strongly recommend that wheelchair users contact us in advance in order that we can make suitable arrangements. This will help us to make your visit a pleasurable one. For those unable to transfer to a carriage seat, it is possible to book a wheelchair designated space, subject to availability and if booked before the day of travel. This service is only available to those joining at Porthmadog, Caernarfon or Blaenau Ffestiniog.  Most wheelchairs that are of a width 24" or less may be accommodated in the trains. Travellers with larger chairs should state this when booking.

Wheelchair users please note: our ramps have a weight limit of 250kg. They will take an ordinary wheelchair, plus user, plus pusher or a small battery operated chair. However, they are not suitable for motorized scooters or buggies. We do have ordinary wheelchairs at Porthmadog, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Beddgelert and Caernarfon that may be borrowed for the duration of your visit. It is also worth noting that although we can accommodate wheelchairs in the trains we do not have turning spaces in the train due to the narrowness of our carriages, and the space for wheelchairs in the carriages is constrained below what one would expect on a main line train for the same reason.

There is a small toilet compartment on most trains which is regrettably not accessible to wheelchairs and we recommend that this is seen as being for emergency use only as the facilities at our stations are far superior. 

Certain special services operate entirely with vintage carriages and we regret that, at this stage, they are not suitable for customers who need to remain in their wheelchairs, and have no toilet facilities.

We welcome assistance dogs in all our carriages and station buildings.

If you have any questions as to how we can help you further, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you to plan your visit.

Facilities at our stations are as follows:

Porthmadog Harbour Station

Our main station is adjacent to the A487 at the southern end of the town. We have a small tarmac car park which usually has an attendant. There are three allocated "Disabled" spaces close to the main entrance as well as a dedicated "dropping off" point.

Our main entrance has a ramp direct into the Booking Hall. From here there is level access through the building to the Shop, Café and Bar. There is level access onto the platform. The toilets are situated at the far right hand end of the platform when leaving the building. There is a small step into the Ladies' and the Gentlemen's toilets. The accessible toilet has level access and also contains nappy changing facilities.

The Booking Office counter is 1040mm / 41" in height - if this presents any difficulty to you, please ask and someone will come and assist you.

The Shop counter is 940mm / 37" in height. Shelving is both on the walls and free standing. If you need any help with your shopping, our staff will be happy to help.

The Café counter is 890mm / 35" in height and the bar is 1010mm / 40" in height. Food and beverages can be brought to your table if requested.

Boston Lodge Halt (request halt only)

This halt is approached by a steep and rough track and is not suitable for anyone with mobility impairments, or some types of vehicles. There is no car parking at this station.


The station is adjacent to the main A487 with a small gravel car park from which there is ramped access to the platform for Blaenau Ffestiniog bound trains. Access to the Porthmadog bound platform is via a concrete foot crossing at the left hand end when arriving from the road.

There are no facilities at the station, although there is covered seating and a small waiting shelter.

There is steep ramped access to the Cambrian Coast Line station below.

Penrhyn (request halt only)

The station is adjacent to the A4085. There is no car parking and access from the road is via a steep and uneven ramp. Trains in either direction use the same platform. Although there is covered seating, there are no other facilities.

Plas Halt (request halt only)

This halt is in the middle of the woods and is only accessible by rough woodland footpaths. There is no road access.

Tan y Bwlch

Situated off a minor road and having a rough gravel car park, this station has an island platform which is mainly accessed by means of a footbridge. However, there is a flat crossing with a gate into the car park situated half way along the platform. Please note this facility is not available when there is a train in the platform so please arrive early if you wish to join here.

There is a small café which is open at busy times. There is ramped access into the café and a designated table for wheelchair users close to the door. There are also tables and seating outside, some of which are under cover. The toilets are outside and to the left of the café. There is a small step into the Ladies' and the Gentlemen's toilets. The accessible toilet has level access and also contains nappy changing facilities.

Dduallt (request halt only)

This remote halt is accessible only by mountain footpaths and stiles. There is no road access.

Tanygrisiau (request halt only)

This halt has a rough gravel car park and a small slate waste ramp to the island platform. There is a small shelter but no other facilities.

Blaenau Ffestiniog

The station is in the centre of the town on the main A470 and easily accessed from council owned car parks. Please note that there is no dedicated railway car park. The nearest car park is on your right when approaching from the north behind the Gwesty Ty Gorsaf / Station Hotel and serves both the Ffestiniog and Conwy Valley Line stations.

There are designated "Disabled" parking spaces beside the entrance to the platforms.

Access to the Ffestiniog platform is via a gentle ramp and a level crossing. Please note - there is a walk of approximately 155m (170 yds) from the nearest parking to the station building. Our booking office / shop is situated on the platform and can be accessed via a ramp.

The toilets are situated in the main station building beyond the booking office. There is level access into the Ladies' and the Gentlemen's toilets. The accessible toilet has level access and also contains nappy changing facilities.


This is the main terminus station for the Welsh Highland Railway, situated close to the castle. It has full facilities and is staffed daily.


There is no railway owned parking but there are two car parks across the road.

The Gwynedd Tyres car park has a rough slate waste surface and is not lined out. There is no designated disabled parking. The daily fee is payable to the tyre depot.

The Castle Car Park is a large car park run by the Harbour Trust is accessed beside the castle. There is flat pedestrian access from the left hand end of the car park which comes out right opposite the station building main entrance. NB: there is currently construction work in this area and there are construction cabins at this end of the car park.

Drop off is available at the station, either in the drop off layby which has a deep curb onto the pavement, or directly outside the main entrance in the shared space area.

Station Building:

Our station is fully accessible throughout with the exception of the mezzanine floor area of the café.

There is a large shop with fitted shelving. There is a large counter from where both tickets and shop items can be purchased. There is a lower section in the counter for wheelchair users. Some of the shelving in the shop is high but staff will be happy to help with your shopping. The café has tables and loose chairs in the downstairs area. Space can be made at a table for a wheelchair user. Ordering is at the café counter with food and beverages brought to your table. Staff will be happy to take your order at the table if this is easier.

There is a large event space with free standing exhibitions. This leads out onto the platform and the toilets are accessed from this space, all with level access. There is a wide range of toilet facilities to suit your needs. Both Ladies and Gentlemen's toilets have 'Ambulant' cubicles with outward opening doors and hand rails. There is also baby changing in both. There is a separate accessible toilet. There is also a Changing Places toilet which is unlocked using a RADAR key. If you do not have a key but wish to use this facility, please ask one of the staff to open it for you.


The platform concourse slopes gently away from the building towards the platform where the trains stop. There is a canopy over a large part of the platform. Please note this platform is the minimum permissible width so great care must be taken when using wheelchair ramps to access or disembark the trains. Extra steps are available to assist access on request to any member of staff.

Bontnewydd Halt (request halt only)

This halt is accessible from the adjacent Lôn Eifion cycle path. The path is tarmac and level in most places. There is no road access.

Dinas (request halt only).

There is a small tarmac car park. A ramp provides access to the station. The rest of the area including access to both platforms is level. There are toilets on site including an accessible one.


The station is at the south end of the village on the A4085 adjacent to the Snowdonia Parc Brewpub. The car park belongs to the pub but may be used by visitors travelling on the railway. It has a deep gravel surface, making it difficult for people with restricted mobility or to manoeuvre a wheelchair over. Access to the platform is normally by a footbridge but there is a rough, gently sloping path through the pub's campsite. There is a shelter on the platform which includes an accessible toilet.

The pub itself is wheelchair friendly and when open, has accessible toilets. It may be possible to arrange help in advance for railway passengers wishing to use the pub for a meal. Telephone the pub on 01286 650409.

Plas y Nant Halt (request halt only)

This halt is only accessible via a narrow footpath and there is no level access.

Snowdon Ranger Halt (request halt only)

This halt is only accessible via a narrow footpath and there is no level access.

Rhyd Ddu

The station is to the south of the village beside the A4085. The car park here belongs to the Snowdonia National Park Authority and there is only very limited parking available. The National Park Authority has an accessible toilet in the car park for RADAR key holders.

The platform is accessed via a tarmac ramp and level foot crossing. There is a waiting shelter. The station is not usually manned.

Meillionen (Forest campsite) (request halt only)

This halt is situated within the Beddgelert Forest Campsite, primarily for the use of campers. There is level access to the platform through a small gate. This is a short platform and only certain carriages on the train will be accessible from it. It is therefore advisable to phone Porthmadog booking office on 01766 516024 before 1700 on the day before travel so that the guard of the train can be made aware of your requirements. If joining at another station and travelling to Meillionen halt, you MUST advise the guard BEFORE boarding that you wish to alight at the camp site.


This station is situated above the village with access through the public car park near the Royal Goat Hotel. This car park belongs to the Snowdonia National Park Authority and there is only very limited parking available. Between the car park and the station there is a long tarmac 'zig-zag' sloping path which is relatively steep but usable by motorised scooters or wheelchairs with assistance. The slope is down hill from the platform to the car park. There is level access on/off the platform and the ticket/information office is situated beside the entrance to the platform. If this is not manned, tickets may be purchased from the guard of the train. There are temporary toilets including an accessible toilet with ramped access close to the gate on to the platform.

Once in the car park, the main village street is only a short distance away. Pavements are quite narrow but it is possible to use a wheelchair. There is a pleasant wheelchair friendly walk beside the river.

Nantmor (request halt only)

The halt is accessed from the minor road through the village. There is no parking facility at the halt and the road slopes steeply at this point. The nearest car park is owned by the National Trust approximately a quarter of a mile away. There are toilets in this car park. Passengers wishing to alight at Nantmor should do so by prior request to the guard. Although the platform itself is accessible, there are no facilities other than a small shelter at or near to this location so it is recommended for use by able-bodied walkers only.

Pont Croesor (request halt only)

The station car park and toilets here are now under the control of the Glaslyn Wildlife Project, and as such this Car Park may close before the last train of the day returns. There is level pedestrian access only from beside the road bridge over the river.

This unstaffed station is situated on the B4410 between Prenteg and Llanfrothen villages beside the Glaslyn Wildlife Project. There is a wooden crossing to the Caernarfon-bound platform which is wheelchair-friendly. However, due to the restricted width of the platform it may be difficult to access the train using a ramp. We recommend that you consider joining the train at Porthmadog.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Coverage is generally good over most of the Ffestiniog Railway, with occasional areas of no signal.

Coverage on the Welsh Highland Railways is generally available between Caernarfon and Waunfawr, becoming poorer further along with no coverage at Rhyd Ddu. Between Rhyd Ddu and Beddgelert, coverage is very poor although the EE and BT network is available in Beddgelert. There is no coverage at Nantmor station but coverage resumes on most networks at Pont Croesor and onwards towards Porthmadog.


Light refreshments are available via an at-your-seat service in all but the older non-corridor carriages. There is hot and cold food available on Welsh Highland Railway trains and light snacks at all times on all other services.

Blind and partially sighted customers

'Welcome Aboard' Leaflets available in Braille or large print for loan from the Booking Office. Staff are happy to give assistance with reading menus and delivering food to your seat both on the trains and in the cafes.

(Last updated April 2016)